Our latest weight loss PR campaign has gotten off to a great start with coverage secured across a wide range of media leading directly to an ‘astonishing’ sales boost for our client Skinny Sprinkles.

The company first approached us in late June with an all too familiar story of working with agencies in the past who talked a great talk but sadly failed to deliver any meaningful results. It’s a story we hear time and time again here at London PR. There are so many agencies out there who promise the earth to secure a client’s business but who then disappoint when it comes to delivering.

In the case of Skinny Sprinkles, previous agencies had hooked them up with one or two influencers but failed to make any real impact in terms of media coverage with a Google news search coming up with little results when we were first introduced.

Skinny Sprinkles is a weight management drink which helps to banish snacking and control portion sizes. It contains glucomannan which boosts that lovely ‘full feeling’ according to independent studies.

After some discussions we engaged with the client at the beginning of July and set about positioning the product within the media as a ‘gastric band in a glass.’

Coverage soon followed in the Daily Mail, Metro, Telegraph and Guardian – all in the first month of our campaign. Much of the online coverage also included SEO valuable hyperlinks into the client’s website.

Most rewarding for us was feedback from the client who said sales had increased massively as a result of the campaign.

Jane Hodgson, from Skinny Sprinkles, said: “We have never had much luck with PR and marketing companies in the past. It’s been a case of try and find one, check out their testimonials and case studies; make as informed a decision as you can; cross your fingers and hope for the best.

“When we found London PR their approach seemed very refreshing. We particularly loved the reference to fluffy press releases which bore journalist to death. We soon realised this is a serious company who know how to put stories together which are both interesting to journalists and their audiences. We met Steve and instantly took a liking to him and this was supported when starting to work with the rest of his team.

“The press releases London PR produced for Skinny Sprinkles, were interesting, informed and well written. So we were not surprised that the press picked up on them so quickly, what we were surprised about is the level of interest the first article generated. How this was then picked up by other publications to create a momentum which astounded us.

“The number of sales we received was also astonishing. No more crossing fingers and hoping for the best for us, just working closely with Steve and London PR to create genuine and interesting stories which explain our brand and are relevant to journalists.”


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