We are delighted to be working on a new project with Queensland based technology and innovation company Verton Australia.

Over the coming weeks we will be helping Verton spread the exciting news about their incredible new R-series product and scaled up lifting solutions, which represents a huge breakthrough in safety and productivity in the construction, infrastructure, maritime, defence, wind and mining industries.

Verton’s solutions have been specially engineered to eliminate the use of tag lines on all suspended loads. Research has shown that the vast majority of serious injuries and fatalities from crane operations are sustained by those in close proximity to the load.

The R-series eliminates tag lines and removes the need for workers to be near or under moving loads.
The exciting new breakthrough also offers huge improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Brisbane based Verton is enjoying huge success with the R-series and have asked London PR to help them coordinate UK media interest.

London PR director Steve McComish said: “Verton’s R-series really does represent a massive breakthrough in safety for the construction sector and many other industries.

“With urban development continuing at a relentless pace as evidenced by crane operations in our major cities, there is a clear need for an innovation such as the R-series which has the potential to save lives and improve time efficiencies on major projects.

“This really is a good news story and we’re very excited to be helping Verton make an impact in the UK.”


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