CLIENT: UK Paintball (Video PR)


Working with client UK Paintball and the London Evening Standard our video PR team staged the world’s first killer clown hunt.

UK Paintball’s London Centre was featured in the What’s On section of the London Evening Standard after we staged the first ever killer clown hunt.

The video was a great way to market the event with the help of our friends at the Evening Standard.

Watch the video here.

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London PR director Steve McComish said: “The recent release of the Stephen King movie It has made killer clowns topical all over again so it was fun to create the world’s first killer clown hunt.

“Let’s face it, killer clowns have been terrorising neighbourhoods for long enough. It’s about time the public were given the opportunity to have their revenge on these clowns. Now thanks to UK Paintball and some creative PR, they can.”


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