We are thrilled to be working on Spray Safe: a new campaign to promote groundbreaking road safety spray Albedo 100.

Albedo 100 is a spray paint which is invisible when viewed in daylight but highly reflective of headlamps in the dark. This means it can be applied to the clothing of a jogger or pedestrian or to bicycles to make them much more visible when on the road at night.

We are excited to be working on this project because we happen to think this particular product has the potential to save lives. A road user wearing the spray can be seen from up to 500 feet away when light hits it, a significant improvement in visibility when compared to someone wearing bright clothing, who can only be seen from around 200 feet away.

The number of pedestrians killed on British roads increased by 11% during 2017 with 470 pedestrian fatalities and 101 cycling deaths. Figures released by the Department for Transport revealed that pedestrians and cyclists are the most at risk of death or serious injury on Britain’s roads, particularly during busy periods.

Almost half of the 23,805 pedestrians injured on our roads during 2017 were due to accidents which happened between 3:00pm and 7:00pm, with nearly 5000 of these being children aged up to 15.

We have already kicked off our Spray Safe campaign and were delighted to have the product featured prominently in The Sun on Friday. Click here to view the article and an embedded video.

London PR MD Steve McComish said: “Every now and then a product comes along which has the potential to change the world for the better and it’s no exaggeration to say this is one of them.

“It’s especially timely at this time of year when millions of children and commuters are travelling to and from school and work in the pitch dark.

“We were very pleased to begin the campaign with such a great piece in The Sun with it’s huge readership. This campaign needs to reach the mainstream so Britain’s biggest selling daily newspaper represents a strong start. We’re looking forward to lots more coverage to come.”

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