Pesky technology never stands still. Here at London PR we keep you up to date with the social media developments you need to know about – now.

Twitter abuse filter

For the past few years, trolls on Twitter have become a serious problem. They hurl abuse at not just celebrities, but regular users too.

To find and rectify the abuse problem, Twitter has added a new feature that ‘temporarily limits’ your account if you’re directly abusive to another user. This then puts your account on private, so only yourself and your followers can see your tweets for 12 hours.

Twitter live stream

Twitter has recently launched the ‘explore’ section, which now features live videos that have been taken from Periscope. This is to rival Facebook live, and will be incorporated into Twitter’s ‘Top Trends’. Live videos are identifiable on the trending list through a red ‘live’ icon.

Facebook automatic video play

Now, whenever you’re scrolling through your news feed, Facebook will automatically play every video with the sound on (unless your phone or laptop is on silent of course).

Facebook have found that most users have responded positively to this change, which may be because of Instagram and Snapchat stories, as sound is given to you straight away on these social sites.

New features to Facebook have also been added in the form of vertical viewing. You can watch picture-in-picture inside or outside of the Facebook app, which basically means you can watch a small version of the video you’re viewing whilst doing other things on the phone…woo!

Facebook job ads and applications

Facebook have recently launched a new ‘jobs’ tab in the USA and Canada, in order to rival Linkedin. This lets small businesses post job openings directly to their Facebook pages.

And to make it even easier for the business, Facebook will auto-fill the application using information from your businesses page (how very kind of them!)

Facebooks ‘jobs’ tab hopes to serve as a portal for lower-wage jobs, which is great as Linkedin is historically been for more professional-level jobs.

It will be available in the UK very soon.

Snapchat’s smart spectacles now available online

Snapchat finally began selling their spectacles online this month (only in the US though…sob). The glasses contain two tiny cameras on each side of the eye, which let users post 10-second video clips and upload them straight to Snapchat.

The glasses are akin to human vision because the lenses have an angle of 115 degrees.

They cost $129 and are currently available in special Snapchat vending machines across the US.

Instagram introduces multiple-photo upload

Big news for Instagram fans – you can now post slideshows for the first time, and up to 10 pictures can appear in a single post.

The multiple-picture posts look like regular ones on Instagram, but a row of dots will appear underneath to show how many photos there are. You can swipe left and right to view the images.

YouTube adds live video streaming

YouTube now lets you live stream footage from your smartphone onto the site (well it was about time). When a user has finished broadcasting, their videos will be automatically added to their playlist.

Whilst this is a great new feature, you need over 10,000 subscribers to be able to get this feature (boo), but it should soon be available to all users.

YouTube ad’s to become shorter

YouTube ads will get a lot quicker as the 30-second ads will be given the boot by 2018 (woop!)

Most of us find non-skippable adverts annoying and frustrating. So the video site has listened and has decided to faze them out by next year. They are going to be using shorter ads instead.

Whatsapp status

Whatsapp want to kick Snapchat to the curb, and are doing this by creating an ‘update status’ feature. This new feature will allow users to share short video content to each other through the app.

This content will disappear after 24 hours, and you can control who sees your update by changing your privacy settings.