CLIENT: Shed Simove


Wacky entrepreneur and author Shed Simove is an old friend of the agency. We have worked with him on several projects, most notably when we helped him win a Guinness World Record for sales of a book without words.

This time round we helped him develop an idea which ended up making headlines around the world when we launched his ground breaking blow-up speed camera.

To be fair the success of this stunt took even us by surprise with coverage coming in from literally across the globe. We logged items from China, Australia, Germany, Greece and Hungary. You can read a full round up of how the story did by clicking here.

The police weren’t best pleased though, threatening Shed with a spell in clink if he offered the product for sale. We secured a spot on Sky News for him to explain why he thought the invention was, “the greatest breakthrough in road safety since the invention of the seat belt.”

The campaign met it’s objectives of raising Shed’s profile with an estimated reach of 800 million opportunities to view.

Sky News Shed Simove

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