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Our roots as an agency began back in 2007 when we launched as a public relations agency with a focus on the national UK media.

But over the years we found that the majority of our clients cared more and more about online, digital PR. This means most of them preferred online coverage in the likes of the BBC news website, Guardian and Telegraph online, to features in print.

As the years passed we began to gain a reputation as an agency which could win, not only great coverage, but also earn hyperlinks from media websites into our clients’ sites.

As this reputation grew we began to attract more clients who prioritised online coverage over print and naturally the majority of these trade primarily online.

They found that a well executed digital PR campaign could really boost their organic search results and help them compete with some of the biggest players in their markets.

Building on this foundation we have broadened the range of SEO services we offer to clients to include not just digital PR and social media packages, but also link audits and competitor analysis and replication campaigns.

Our team can also provide keyword analysis and blogging services, all with the aim of greatly boosting those all important search engine ranking results.

What’s more by using London PR for your SEO agency you’ll also benefit from our other services, most importantly our PR team will help you win massive amounts of traffic through well placed media coverage and links.

We see every client as an opportunity to supercharge their online presence across all platforms. We do this by fine tuning their communications, telling stories and optimising their websites.

Most importantly our approach is completely natural and organic. We don’t pay for links because Google doesn’t like that. Instead all our methods are honest and above board. Simply put, we create fantastic unique content for clients and we persuade very high domain authority media websites to link to it. Our clients find it’s a winning combination.

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