Our Public Relations campaigns shine the light of mainstream media coverage on our clients’ brands, products and services. Helping them reach millions of potential new customers.

Every day we supply the UK media with content which also conveys the key messages of our clients and often includes hyperlinks direct to client websites.

Working closely with the national media on a daily basis since 2007 means we have developed very close relationships with journalists across the media landscape which our clients are able to benefit from.

Clients also find that a well-stocked what the press say web page delivers long term credibility and aids conversion rates.

Our digital PR campaigns have the added benefits of huge SEO value from Google friendly media hyperlinks into our clients’ websites.  A single link from a mainstream news site can deliver a huge amount of traffic and long-term organic search benefits.

We understand that each client faces unique challenges when it comes to engaging the public, that’s why we listen first and really get to understand our client before putting together a PR solution.

PR is about how the public relates to a brand or company. As such PR is happening all the time and isn’t something any brand can afford to leave to chance.

Our campaigns harness the power of the media to move public sentiment in the right direction for our clients.

The way information is consumed has changed massively in the past 20 years and we have seen huge shifts since our launch in 2007.

The ubiquity of smart phones and social media means public sentiment can now spread exponentially meaning both good and bad news can impact brands very quickly.

This provides both huge opportunities and huge challenges for brands but PR remains the most effective way for business owners to steer perceptions of their companies in the right direction.

PR remains our core service but today all communication must be integrated to include elements of social media and SEO as well as media coverage and attention.

Our team ensure that client messages reach influencers and that all communications are joined up and effective.

Have a look at some examples of our work.


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