Slightly later than usual (due to us being mega busy with client work) it’s time once again to look back over the previous calendar month’s results for our clients here at London PR.

June got off to a truly incredible start when we unveiled client Compass Pools design for an infinity pool to top a London skyscraper.

We knew the images were strong on this one and we loved the client’s design, but we must admit that we didn’t fully anticipate just how wild the media would go for this particular story.

It caught fire with coverage in just about every UK national news outlet and across the globe with media piling in from every corner of the world.

We logged hundreds of items of coverage and when we totted it all up we think this one is our biggest story since we told how Prince George wore client My 1st Years bathrobe for his VIP meeting with US President Barack Obama.

When we crunched the numbers at the end of the month we discovered our retained clients had enjoyed a whopping 1,429 items of media coverage along with a jaw dropping 786 hyperlinks.

On average each retained client enjoyed an average of 102 items of media coverage across the month along with an SEO smashing 56 hyperlinks into their websites from media sites.

These figures mean the month overtakes our Amazing April as the most results filled period we’ve logged since we began our monthly round ups here on the news page.

London PR director Steve McComish said: “It’s been another incredible month and all kudos and respect goes to our hard working team.

“On the face of it June goes down as the biggest single month since we started topping up monthly totals but a fair chunk of that is down to the success of a single story. Across the whole month though results levels were high and all our retained clients made significant gains.

“We are already into July and keeping the fun, and amazing results, rolling.”


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