With summer around the corner we’ve bagged ourselves a lovely new client in the shape of online luggage shipping service MyBaggage.com.

The Belfast based company have asked us to help them build brand awareness through online coverage and earn them some lovely links over the coming months following their recent rebrand from their former name unibaggage.com.

Our campaign is already packing a punch with pieces appearing in The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express, The Daily Record, loads of regionals such as Edinburgh LiveThe Daily Express, more regionals such as The Yorkshire Post, The Daily Express again and yet more Daily Express. Oh and more Daily Express.

In fact in the first month of the campaign we have delivered 94 items of media coverage, earning an impressive 34 links – an almost unheard of volume of coverage and links from month one of a campaign. We’re looking forward to winning much more media attention for the brand across the coming months.


Have a look at some more examples of our work.

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