DATE: April 2016


Personalised baby gift retailer came to us in 2012 with a brief to associate them with influencers and win national media coverage.

We put together a campaign with the objective of associating the London based brand with some of the most influential tots on the planet – and their parents.

One of our first successes came back in 2012 with Elton John, winning the client a profile on BBC news along with a very useful hyperlink.

We followed this up by building them an association with the Beckham family in the form of the adorable youngest Beckham – daughter Harper. We invited her to become the face of the brand and secured tons of media coverage on both sides of the Atlantic. We were able to log more than 500 items of coverage for this piece alone, with a reach of more than 200 million people.

But it turned out all of that was just the warm up act. The campaign really hit the big time when Prince George was photographed wearing his £27 My1stYears bathrobe for his very important pre-bedtime meeting with US President Barack Obama.

It was a fantastic PR coup but we had to make sure the world knew wear the robe came from. We set about arranging a schedule of media interviews both in the US and UK and the coverage that followed blew us away – with items in just about every national news outlet on both sides of the Atlantic and across the globe. Prince George Robe was trending on Twitter both in the UK and US.

More than a thousand items of media coverage were logged along with 153 hyperlinks into the client’s site and US TV coverage on CNN and Good Morning America including an interview with My1stYears co-founder. The campaign reach was estimated at 1.5 billion – our biggest ever.

Sales of the robe went through the roof, from around 40 a month before the campaign to more than 100 an hour in the days that followed. The client later secured more than £5m funding as a direct result of the campaign.

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