DATE: From July 2013 – ongoing


EDIT: We have now reached more than one thousand coverage items for Muscle Food.

We helped launch online retailer Muscle Food and have been working with them every month since they began trading, helping them attain the position of the UK’s fastest growing sports nutrition brand.

There have been many milestones and amazing media coups along the way as we have helped spread the word about innovations such as Protein Pizza and Protein Beer.

We’ve also helped them attain serious business profiling with content including this excellent Daily Telegraph piece in June 2017.

As well as stunning PR results the brand has achieved huge traction on social media attracting more than a million social media fans including 730,000 Facebook likes and 200,000 Twitter followers.

We’ve come up with so many ideas which have led to media penetration for the brand but one of our favourites was when we named black pudding as the surprise superfood of 2016.

The story was picked up by every UK national news outlet and even led to questions in the House of Commons when Conservative MP David Nuttall, urged House of Commons Leader Chris Grayling MP to free up time in the Chamber for a full debate on the health benefits of black pudding.

He said: “Can we please have a debate on the health benefits of eating black pudding? You will no doubt have seen media reports this week that this tasty delicacy is full of protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc – so it is not only good for you, it’s actually a superfood and a debate will enable us to ensure the benefits are more widely known.”

It was the first time one of our stories had been debated in the House of Commons – proving what we’ve always known – that London PR campaigns really do go all the way to the top.

In total we have reached more than 650 million people with the Muscle Food message – not bad for an SME start-up.

EDIT: We have now reached more than one thousand coverage items for Muscle Food.

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