Get ready for the Meghan effect. Yes, the London PR team have been celebrating the happy news of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle this week.

We were forewarned of the impending announcements by journalists eager to talk to our client Darren Stanton – the UK’s leading body language expert. Darren analysed several images of the happy couple together and you can check out his analysis of their sizzling body language in this Mirror article.

The engagement cements Prince Harry and Meghan as a transatlantic power couple and numerous brands will be eager to win association with them, no matter how obscure.

We have seen the Kate effect and the Prince George effect. Even little Princess Charlotte has been credited with giving baby brands a boost. Now we are certain to see a Meghan effect with the website of her coat designer crashing under the weight of traffic today.

Steve McComish, MD of London PR said: “Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle represents a real step forward for the British monarchy and confirms what the world already suspected – that this is a couple who are very much in love.

“They were already one of the most famous couples on the planet. Their engagement and future wedding will catapult them into the marketing power couple of the century, even more so than Prince William and Kate who have more formal duties to perform as future monarch and consort. 

“The fact that Meghan is American and has a background in show business make the couple’s story a real life American dream. It’s the classic American kid grows up to marry real life Prince and there are certainly parallels with Grace Kelly. But Prince Harry himself is such a modern prince and their love story seems so real and authentic. 

“Brands will be lining up to associate themselves with the couple and the fact that Meghan’s coat designer’s website crashed today shows how great the interest is. We have had great success with the Prince George effect and we shall certainly be seeking more Royal opportunities for our clients’ brands.”


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