Today we continue our regular posts looking back at the previous month of results for London PR clients.

May was another busy month with more than a thousand items of media coverage and hundreds of links earned for our clients. It came hot on the heels of April, our biggest ever month in terms of client results, and while we didn’t quite break our record our clients still enjoyed incredibly high levels of media attention.

On average each of our retained clients gained 81 items of coverage and 70 links into their websites from media sites during the month.

That works out at an average of 2.61 items of coverage and 2.26 links for every day of the month including the weekends when we weren’t even in the office.

Looking at working days the numbers are even more impressive. We delivered an incredible 3.86 items of coverage and 3.33 links per client for every day we were in the office during May.

And we showed real depth of coverage during the month with clients featured across a very wide spread of targets as well as our bread and butter UK national media.


Have a look at some more examples of our work.

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