Having a bad clothes day? Spent hours gazing at the no hope outfits in your wardrobe this morning? And did you feel a rising sense of panic when it dawned on you that you had absolutely nothing to wear?

So I guess a trip to the shops is in order where you’ll spend hours in sweaty changing rooms becoming more and more fed up when you can’t find anything you like?


The Trafford Centre has come up with the perfect solution and one I’m sure women from the north-west will be flocking to try.


From tomorrow it’s installing a virtual changing room, or a magic mirror which will, apparently, take the stress out of shopping. How? I hear you cry.


Well, to put it simply the mirror lets you try on clothes virtually. Using 3D technology, it superimposes outfits over a live picture of a shopper’s body. The shopper can try on multiple outfits from different stores.


Added to that, with a wave of a hand the size and outfit can be swapped until the best one is found. The shopper can then head straight to the store and pick it up.


Does this take the fun out of shopping? Well yes, to a degree, but it also takes away a lot of the hassle.


Is it good PR for the Trafford Centre? Of course!


Retailers are finding life tough at the moment – too few shoppers, with too little cash – so anything that gets them to head to big out of town shopping centres like the Trafford Centre can only be a good thing.

And once there, shoppers will have a wander round and will inevitably part with some of their cash.


It may be technology gone mad, and there are bound to be shoppers who will find ways to knock it, but it will be a huge draw to people. It’s a gimmick, something new to the UK and who wouldn’t want to have a go?

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