CLIENT: London School of Marketing


London School of Marketing is a university level institution awarding mainly MBAs and other post graduate qualifications in management and marketing.

They asked us to put them on the map with thought leadership and help establish them within the media as go to experts for marketing comment.

We worked with LSM’s team of marketing experts to put a cash value on the marketing power of some of the world’s leading celebrities and sports stars.

We then published a definitive Celebrity Marketing Power Index featuring the likes of Beyonce and a Sports Marketing Power Index which featured Roger Federer and Lionel Messi along with many other big names.

The international media loved both indexes with coverage reaching truly global proportions.

It was difficult to log all the media attention that followed but we recorded more than one thousand pieces of media coverage from all over the world and estimated the reach of the stories must have been well over one billion. More than 200 hyperlinks were earned into the client’s website.

LSM’s estimate of the marketing valuation of the Beckham family being around £500m won special attention with coverage citing the London School of Marketing in media around the world. They even earned themselves a mention in the Sunday Times Rich List.

Not bad for a client who had very limited media profile before choosing to work with us.

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