At London PR we love a good read, although it’s fair to say a well thumbed thriller is more likely to be found across our desk than one of the classics.

We have had some great success over the years with PR for all kinds of books. Perhaps our most notable success came when we helped author Shed Simove shift 100,000 copies of a book without any words. However we’ve never worked with a poet… until now.

Newly published poet Arch Hades has become something of an Instagram sensation with her mix of classically inspired poetry and glamorous round the world travel photography. So when she asked us to help publicise her first book High Tide we were delighted to be set a new challenge. High Tide features her trademark romantic poetry along with a collection of postcards from her round the world travels.

Now poetry isn’t our speciality but national media coverage is so we rose to the challenge and began telling all our friends in the media about Arch Hades and her incredible book. We are delighted to have very quickly been able to arrange for a wonderful profile in the Mail Online which was seen by an audience of millions. A mainstream profile in the national media is the kind of coverage most first time writers can only dream of.

We were particularly pleased that the piece mentioned Arch Hades’ literary influences including the 19th century Russian poet and writer Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev – surely the first time he’s been mentioned in Mail Online along with all the Kim Kardashian stories?

Arch Hades said: “As a newly published writer it can be difficult to win media attention and to let readers know the book is out there and available for them to buy. So I decided to ask London PR for help getting my book of poetry noticed. I was aware of the agency’s work with other clients and of their reputation for always delivering great results.

“It was wonderful to see results so quickly with a mainstream media article on me and the book appearing within a few days of London PR starting work on the project. Even better I saw a marked spike in book sales following the article.”

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