Instagram is a social media website and online marketing tool that too many businesses forget about. However, if your brand isn’t on Instagram you’re missing out on engaging hundreds of thousands of potential new customers.

In this blog post we answer some questions about making Instagram work for your business.


How can images and short video enhance my marketing and customer experience?

Instagram has 200 million monthly active users, which means if you aren’t using it as a marketing platform you’re missing out on engaging with potentially millions of people.

Therefore setting up an account on Instagram will make you visible to a new market.

It is true that people engage better with visuals than text.In fact, if you’re already using Twitter or Facebook you’ll probably have noticed that posting a photo will generate more engagement than simple text, meaning that using Instagram can be a great way to be creative whilst promoting your brand.

What photos should I put up? 

Like other social media sites, success comes from finding a healthy balance between business photos and more laid back images. It is important to make sure that you remain in keeping with your brand, but make sure you add images that are engaging and interesting and not boring.

Here are our top 3 types of suggested post:

1. Invite users to window shop

Create window-shopping opportunities for your followers by giving them a taste of your products and services giving them a taste of your products and services. Post creative photos and share relevant and useful information in the caption such as product information, price, contact details and anything else that might intrigue your followers.

2. Take users behind the scenes

Give your followers a reason to follow you by giving them an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how your business works. Use photos to show how your products are more or how your services are carried out. This will make
your followers feel as if they’re getting a bonus insight just for being part of your social circle, and will help them to understand your business.

3. Make your business more personal

As well as posting photos of your products and services it is important to create a human angle too.

Take and post photos of you and your employees at work or at company events, and use the captions to share
interesting information about what is happening in the photo. Not only will it make your employees feel valued, but will show followers what you’ve been up to.


What hashtags should I use?

Hashtags are vitally important when it comes to increasing the reach of your photos. If you don’t use hashtags then you’re limiting new followers being able to find you.

On all your photos use relevant and popular hashtags as a rule of thumb to help people find you. You can also use industry related hashtags such as the name of the sector you are working in to help likeminded individuals find you.

Also try tapping into trends such as #SelfieSunday or #ThrowbackThursday. Keep an eye out on the latest trends and think about how you can make it relevant to your business.


Who should I follow?

Make sure that you engage with your established customers by following them on Instagram and liking their photos.You should also search for your already established Facebook and Twitter followers and follow them as they might not know you
exist on Instagram.

Key businesses in your industry are also useful to follow as they will give you post ideas and keep you inspired.

It is also important that in order to gain followers you also link your social media accounts, for example posting Instagram photos on Facebook.

This will inform your existing followers of your profile and encourage them to follow you.



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