We have been working with the online retailer since the beginning of 2014 helping build the brand through consistent media coverage in women’s and mainstream outlets.

We have been very targeted in our campaign which has combined Hair PR, social and SEO. Since working with us the brand has gone from zero media attention to consistent coverage and SEO rich hyperlinks from women’s titles such as GlamourHarper’s Bazaar and the Stylist as well as mainstream coverage and yet more links.

And when we put together a handy, helpful guide to women’s grooming aimed at men we scored even more coverage and links galore – this time from the male focused media.

Overall we’ve helped the brand reach more than 400 million people with some fantastic content which has helped us deliver 1335 SEO rich hyperlinks into the client’s website – all organic and not paid for – ranking this one of our most successful campaigns of all time.

London PR director Steve McComish said: “This has been one of our most successful campaigns ever, particularly in terms of hyperlinks earned for the client from media sites such as Guardian, Telegraph, Mail, Mirror and many of the fashion websites.

“To exceed one thousand items of media coverage for a client is always a fantastic achievement and a great milestone. To go past the same number in terms of links won is even more amazing and to do it for an independent web based retailer on a modest budget is incredible.

“Hair PR is a crowded market with a lot of brands vying for the media’s attention. But over the years the London PR team have delivered some incredible ideas for our clients in this sector. is a great example of how even a small independent hair and beauty retailer can achieve huge amounts of media attention.

“It’s been a fun campaign to work on and we continue to come up with creative ideas and turn them into coverage and links for our client. Great hair, like great stories, never goes out of fashion.”

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