This week we engaged on a one day PR project for client Spencer Stevenson of Spex Hair.

Spencer is a hair loss and restoration expert who knows first hand just how difficult it can be to lose your hair. His own hair began to recede when he was in his early twenties and his baldness caused a severe loss of confidence.

He ended up spending thousands of pounds on hair treatments and underwent several botched surgeries before eventually travelling to the States and finding a permanent solution to his problem with successful surgery.

As a result of his experiences he began to offer advice to others in the same situation and this eventually led to him setting up his own website

We have worked with Spencer for a number of years, dipping in and out on several projects. We’ve helped him win a very wide spread of national media coverage and some powerful links from The Telegraph to The Daily Star by offering media comment on the hairlines of a number of big names including Donald Trump and David Beckham.

This week we’ve focused on Prince Harry with Spencer’s insights into the Royal’s receding hairline making leads in The Sun and The Express.

The Sun ran the story under the headline HAIR TO THE THRONE, and helped explain the issue by mocking up an image of what the Prince might look like in a few years time if he doesn’t follow Spencer’s advice (see above).

We have also been able to book a number of radio interviews for Spencer this week including BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Jersey. His insights also went international with a piece appearing in the India edition of International Business Times. Not bad for one day’s PR activity.


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