Our PR campaign for the UK’s leading hair restoration surgeon Dr Edward Ball, got off to a great start this week.

Working with Dr Ball and his team at The Maitland Clinic in Harley Street, we are going to highlight the great work they do to restore the confidence of the thousands of men and women, suffering with hair loss.

Hair transplants have become much more effective thanks to advances in medical knowledge over the past decade or so and this has been reflected in the news over the past couple of years with celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and actor James Nesbitt undergoing high profile procedures.

But we decided to begin our campaign with a strong case study which challenged the media’s stereotype of a typical hair transplant patient. Former ballerina Diva Hollands (pictured) is about as far away from a middle aged man as one could imagine. She was operated on by Dr Ball after she suffered a receding hairline following years of wearing her hair tied back from her face.

Her transformation following surgery is a fantastic story made stronger still by strong images supplied by Dr Ball. It has been picked up by the MailOnline, Cosmo, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping.

We are looking forward to helping raise the profile of Dr Ball over the coming months. The Maitland Clinic offer consultations in London and on the Hampshire coast.

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