It’s a sad day here at London PR HQ as we say goodbye to our talented intern Zainab.

Zainab has been with the team for the past six months as part of her university’s year out in industry programme.

We’ve loved having her in the team and we’re definitely going to miss her. So we just had to say goodbye with flowers – and a lovely London PR mug as well of course.

Let’s find out what she’s learned during her six months in PR…

Hi Zainab, welcome to your Q&As. Why did you want to do a PR placement?

The mystery of it all, PR is a word thrown about constantly however no one knows what it really is, and neither did I. I half expected to walk into a room filled with Malcolm Tucker types (Thick of it). It is a form of marketing where I had no experience, so my desire for knowledge led me towards the PR world. 

What were your first impressions of London PR?

An incredibly close-knit workforce, or even a family of some sort. I was glad that here progression was encouraged and I had that feeling from day one when I was free to ask as many questions as I liked without any form of frustration, I was met with complete openness.  

What clients have you enjoyed working with?

My favorite would have to be musclefood, seeing all their latest creations from sweet-meats to the giant pigs in blankets was always the highlight of the week. I was also responsible for a money-saving case study, it was great seeing the whole process through from choosing the right person to writing a section of the final press release ready for distribution. 

What have been the most exciting things that have happened during your time with us? 

I started in the midst of an extremely hectic time where the agency was relocating to their first owned offices, who knew choosing the right kettle could be so exciting? Also when the Compass Pool story went viral, it was great seeing a story done by us, trending on twitter and being covered by every publication I could think of from CNN to the Independent. 

What have you learned? 

My writing skills have definitely improved tenfold, but also this role allowed me to develop my communication skills especially with clients and the media. I was responsible for building up long-standing relationships, as well as maintaining them. I chose London PR as they were committed to my main focus which was learning, I was encouraged every step of the way and was allowed to work at my own pace. 

Do you think you will be a better professional thanks to the skills learned here? 

Most definitely, the role of an intern in some firms is ensuring that coffee is available on tap and most often time is spent completing arduous tasks. My role could not be further from this, I have been allowed to see tasks through from their inception to completion, held total responsibility for my own projects all whilst having the utmost support and respect from my colleagues. 

Any tips for other students seeking PR placements?

Do your research beforehand, but be honest about your skills. Placement is an opportunity for growth and education, by being open with your employer you both can deem whether the opportunity would be suited, alongside allowing them to understand your needs and what skills you are hoping to develop in particular. Everyone has a different perception of PR, be honest in yours. 

Any final words before you shuffle out of the door for goodbye drinks? 

Apart from you should all try honey in tea it is a natural alternative to sweeteners, a huge thank you really to the whole team. I am incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity to work with a team so welcoming and incredibly talented. I am looking forward to seeing how the agency progresses. 

Good luck for the future and keep in touch Zainab! Don’t think you’ve converted anyone to honey tea though!


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