Online garden centre asked us to win national media coverage and vital hyperlinks from media sites to boost their SEO.

We worked with the site on a wide range of stories including business profiles and product led placement and competitions.

Two stunt ideas were particularly successful. The first of these was a fun study into how plants respond to different regional accents. We’ve all heard that plants respond to being talked to, but we were the first to pose the question; which accents do they respond to best?

With the help of the team at we devised a fun experiment where plants in different areas of the company’s four acre nursery in Essex were spoken to in differing accents. Music and DVDs of regional pop and soap stars were also played to the plants.

When we analysed the results we discovered plants spoken to in Geordie accents grew an average of 10% more than others.

Our story won a garden shed load of links and coverage in titles including the Daily Telegraph, Metro, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. There was also a very pleasing in-bound link from the BBC news website and broadcast coverage included a piece on Sky News.

More national coverage and links came from our next stunt idea – to sell stinging nettles as exotic wildflowers for £7.99 each. Highlights included this piece and link from the Daily Telegraph.

London PR director Steve McComish said: “We’ve had great fund with Gardening Express. An online garden centre that sells nettles for eight quid a pop is a dream to PR. We also had a ball when the team started talking to plants in regional accents. Who knew that Geordies had the best lilt for growing plants? No wonder the trees are so big in Newcastle.”

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