We’ve been helping health writer Jacqueline Whitehart market her new healthy recipe book The Metabolic Fat Loss Diet Plan and have won considerable media coverage including this great piece in the Yorkshire Post (above) and a powerful profile in the Daily Mail.

The book includes a diet plan which can help you lose a stone in 28 days by eating healthily. Other coverage items we have delivered included the Daily Star and the International Business Times and we were also able to persuade the Mail Online to embed a video with Jacqueline’s recipe for Sweet Italian Turkey Meatballs.

The story of Jacqueline’s new book was picked up by the international media with coverage coming in from as far away as Italy, Russia, Germany  Armenia and even Australia.

The coverage led to a huge spike in sales for Jacqueline and propelled the book to a peak of number 4 in the Amazon bestseller list for books overall – the highest position we have ever helped an author reach. We also have more coverage in the pipeline.

Jacqueline was kind enough to provide this feedback on our campaign: ““The response has exceeded my expectations and I’m so, so pleased. Thank you for excellent work.

“I’ve been impressed with how much coverage we’ve got and then to see it directly reflected in sales. It was the Mail Online on Boxing Day that had the most impact- very impressive!

“I know there are going to be more articles coming out during January… let me know when your media monitor picks them up – as I don’t want to miss any!” 

London PR director Steve McComish said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Jacqueline. She got in touch with us at the right time and we were able to pitch her book to our media contacts when they were looking for New Year health stories. It’s been very rewarding to hear her feedback and see that the media coverage has made such an impact in book sales for her. The whole team are thrilled.”


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