Our automotive PR campaign for vehicle leasing websites LeaseCar.uk and LeaseVan.co.uk continues to motor along at an incredible speed with the results for both websites surpassing media coverage milestones this week.

Since the beginning of 2019 we have overtaken 1,000 coverage items for LeaseCar and more than 500 for sister site LeaseVan. Combined that’s 1500 items of media coverage in seven months, or around 214 coverage items each and every month this year.

The coverage was spread across digital media with many hits coming from national news websites such as the Guardian, Mail Online, Mirror and The Sun. There’s also been widespread coverage across regional news sites such as the Yorkshire Post and Manchester Evening News and trade sites such as Roofing Today and Plumbing & Heating Journal.

We spend the same amount of time every month on each site so it’s interesting to see that the LeaseCar results outweigh those of LeaseVan at a ratio of 2:1. This is because pretty much everybody has a car so there are many more platforms happy to cover motoring stories whereas the van stories are more niche and more trade orientated.

Interestingly when it comes to backlinks earned both sites are much closer to parity with LeaseCar enjoying 259 links and LeaseVan basking in the love from 204 backlinks. Once again this is for the period 1 January 2019 to 31 July 2019.

We have been working with LeaseCar since September 2017 and started with sister site LeaseVan the following month. Overall we’ve won 1820 coverage items and 489 backlinks for LeaseCar along with 858 coverage items and 329 links for LeaseVan. Combining the two we have delivered 2678 items of media coverage and 818 backlinks in less than two years.

Those stats also show how the campaign has gained momentum as time has gone on with the rate of results increasing as the campaign has matured.

These results have helped organic traffic to LeaseCar increase by more than a fifth during our engagement while traffic to LeaseVan has shot up by a massive 66%.

Our work with LeaseCar and LeaseVan has caught the eye of the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) who have shortlisted this campaign in their annual PRide Midlands awards in both the automotive and transport category and the wider consumer PR campaign category.

Our MD Steve McComish said: “These are incredible results by any standards and I’m incredibly proud of the hard work the team have put in to achieve them.

“The results also reveal what can be achieved when a great client understands the power of PR and allows a creative team to build traction and momentum over time.

“Great digital PR shouldn’t be a flash in the pan, it should be sustained over months and years allowing a campaign to really accelerate. The team have certainly put the pedal to the metal with this one and we’re looking forward to seeing what the CIPR make of it at their upcoming awards event.”


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