About London PR

Small enough to care, big enough to wow! Our award winning leadership team have more than 50 years’ experience of delivering game changing results for clients. 

Our mission is be the leading PR agency in the UK in terms of measurable results per client. Those results are industry leading but we’re probably most proud of our client retention rates – clients choose to stay with us for years. 

Why? Well we hate boring PR so we do things differently from other agencies. Our past adventures include having HRH Prince George model a client’s product, winning a Guinness World Record with a best selling blank book, putting a value on brand Beckham, promoting a foodie festival in rural France and tearing around Mayfair in a lime green Lamborghini. We also told the story of how Chelsea FC celebrated their Premiership win of 2017 by buying our client’s product for the entire squad.

We’re different from many PR agencies because we don’t just talk the talk we also walk the walk. That means delivering massive results in terms of media coverage, SEO links, brand building and (ultimately) sales.

There’s a lot of hot air out there when it comes to PR agencies but for us it’s all about results, we don’t do fluff. Instead we understand that clients need to see a return on their investment.

We started out as an agency back in 2007 when Steve McComish left the Daily Mirror after a career in print journalism. Sick of being pitched weak, fluffy PR content as a journalist he decided to launch an agency which could win fantastic results for clients but also satisfy the media’s need for real stories.

Early clients included The London School of Marketing and officebroker.com. As the agency began to gain a reputation for winning national media attention and gaining valuable media hyperlinks for online clients, the team began to grow and Steve was joined by Liz Pearson as Operations Director and Sarah Samways as Account Director.

Key clients on our journey have included California based Internet Brands Inc, as well as hugely successful UK based e-commerce companies such as Musclefood.com and Net Voucher Codes. Our clients are everywhere, in national newspapers and magazines, on TV news bulletins and especially online, with backlinks from some of the web’s most trusted authority news sites.

Everything we do is designed to increase engagement and ultimately grow sales for our clients.  So if you want a PR agency to be straight talking, business like and unafraid to tell it like it is then please do get in touch. But remember you are entering a fluff free zone.

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