Our campaign for Swedish made O2 Nose Filters has gotten off to a strong start today with a piece in ‘Britain’s most trusted newspaper’ The Times.

The news item appeared online and as a page 11 lead in today’s print edition with the newspaper headlining: Stop pollution from getting up your nose.

We followed up with another great piece in the Mail Online highlighting the effectiveness of the amazing product at filtering out harmful pollutants.

This is our first campaign for the ingenious nose filters which are so tiny and discrete they can be word inside a commuter’s nostrils yet their advanced technology means they prevent 90% of large pollution particles from entering the lungs.

London PR director Steve McComish said: “It’s wonderful to see our client O2 Nose Filters in today’s Times newspaper, both in print and online and also in the Mail Online. Two great hits in one day is a great way to kick off a campaign and this success is down to hard work from the team.

“These incredible nose filters really are an amazing innovation and I can see them becoming very popular with commuters. Sadly the poor air quality in many of our large towns and cities means commuters in particular are exposed to potentially harmful pollutants when they journey to and from work so anything that helps to minimise that has to be attractive.

“I can see these in-nose filters replacing the face masks which many commuters use at the moment. We are looking forward to supporting the company with the introduction of O2 Nose filters into the UK market.”


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